Directions to Mountaineer Casino West Virginia

Mountaineering and casinos go together, but for people who are too young to have heard of them, Mountaineering is the “art of high altitude mountaineering.” It can also be defined as the art of staying in very hot and dry weather for a long time, often camping on the mountain top. Skiing is a shorter, more comfortable option. Mountaineering is a fun and challenging sport that requires training and dedication.

directions to mountaineer casino west virginia

West Virginia has an excellent climbing location; Mountaineering opportunities are found almost everywhere in the state. North Carolina is the next best climbing area for many. Both states have very popular climbing areas, but West Virginia offers the most adventure.

West Virginia’s Mt. Jones Mountains offers great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and trekking. The state has an active mountaineering community, and Mount Jones offers great opportunities for white water rafting, hiking, and cross country skiing. Many people also take part in helicopter flights to nearby Walpole and Lawrenceburg, in order to take advantage of the many things to do in West Virginia.

On the other side of the country, there is plenty of gambling to be found at the Mountaineering Casino. Many people find their way to Mountaineering Casino from their favorite casino, just for fun and excitement. It is a fun way to relax after a hard day at work, and also a great way to make money.

Mountaineering Casino offers both adventure activities and casino games. People who play cards while watching blackjack and poker are sometimes referred to as casino gamblers.

A Mountaineering Casino is found on the eastern end of what is known as Jones Mountain State Park. The casino operates 24 hours a day and can be accessed by walking from the parking lot or from a taxi cab. Gambling of any kind on a mountain is forbidden, so the casino does not accept cash or credit cards.

Mountaineering Casino is located in Jones Mountain State Park, which is a large park that includes the Mount Jones Mountains, which lies just over a mile below the surface of the earth. Many mountaineers frequent the casino to try their luck at gambling.