Wheeling, West Virginia – A Place to Explore

West Virginia is home to the nation’s only official mountain climbing center, the Mountaineer Casino in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mountaineer Casino is a fun and exciting place for people of all ages. We hope you will consider having lunch or dinner here on your next West Virginia trip! On your next West Virginia trip you will want to stop by to visit the Mountaineer Casino in Wheeling.

mountaineer casino in wheeling west virginia

The Mountaineer Casino in Wheeling, West Virginia is the only casino facility in the world that offers mountain climbing, golfing, as well as card rooms. It is truly a wonderful adventure and real playground for the adventurous. We offer accommodations for every type of vacationer.

Wheeling is a town of around seven hundred residents and ten thousand visitors each year. What this town offers in lodging, it lacks in beauty. Wheeling has many gorgeous places to explore. Wheeling Lake is one of the most popular and scenic lakes in West Virginia. The Wheeling Lake Trail is probably the most beautiful and scenic hiking trail in the area.

There is also the Carillon Mountain. It is the largest hilly area in the state. There are so many opportunities to enjoy walking and hiking in this town.

The West Virginia Scenic byway is an excellent place to take a leisurely drive to Wheeling. It runs through some of the most beautiful scenery of any road in the area. You can stop at the West Virginia National Guard Museum to learn about military history and facilities.

The Wheeling State Park has a large amount of open space where you can spend the day just enjoying the beautiful scenery. They offer picnic baskets, hot dogs, and hamburgers at no charge. If you would like a meal, the restaurants offer meals as well. You can get a full three course meal for just one hundred twenty-five dollars.

If you do not feel like going to a restaurant, there are many things to do in Wheeling to entertain you. You can visit the Southern Tunnel, which is a lovely sight seeing attraction. If you enjoy the art you will enjoy the Wheeling Art Gallery and Museum which have a wealth of arts and crafts.

If you are in Wheeling, West Virginia during the summer you will want to check out the White River Gorge. It is a great place to view wildlife and fish. It is also a wonderful place to go rafting or horseback riding.