Directions to Mountaineer Casino West Virginia

Directions to Mountaineer Casino West Virginia has become a premier mountain biking destination, and with good reason. There are some truly remarkable trails within the park, all of which have something to offer the mountain biker of all abilities.

directions to mountaineer casino west virginia

One of the most scenic mountain biking destinations in the U.S., Mountaineer is home to an abundance of open mountainsides and valleys that make up the largest wilderness area within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In fact, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Its twelve thousand mile hiking trail system is known as the Appalachian Trail.

While the vast majority of its extensive mountain bike trails are on private property, there are a number of high quality mountain bike trails within the park. The East Fork Loop Trail follows the stream valley, has four short climbs, and then quickly descends to a small river valley. This is a good trail for beginners, but the steepness of the climb can be a bit disconcerting for a seasoned biker. The wide and easy grade allows for a wide range of fitness levels, including riders who are new to mountain biking.

There are also three beginner mountain biking trails that go over the same stream valley, which is a popular area for beginner mountain bikers and experienced mountain bikers alike. Many who are new to mountain biking, will find this a great place to get their feet wet.

The Bridger Trail is just one of the many beginner mountain biking trails in the park, but it is one of the best, because it follows the stream valley and has several short climbs. This trail has a steep climb at one point, but it is very gradual and is well marked. It’s not difficult to understand and the slight incline makes it a good trail for beginners.

A trail for beginner mountain bikers can be found in the area of the East Fork Trail that runs between the Pine Hill and Bradley Meadows parking areas. This trail provides the beginner mountain biker with a moderate trail with several small climbs and descents. There are some very scenic views from the trail, which is also good for those who are looking for a long hike or a workout.

Another trail for beginner mountain bikers is the Thomasville-Thomas Creek Trail. This trail passes through some of the densest forest in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is a nice trail for beginner mountain bikers, but it isn’t a hard trail.

The best advice for beginner mountain bikers is to find trails that are more challenging for them. They can explore the park for just a few hours before deciding to head back to their cars.