Hotels Near Mountaineer Casino West Virginia

Whether you’re in the mood for the outdoors or want to unwind, there are some great hotels nearby Mountaineer Casino. The area is also known as the Salida Highlands and is very popular with residents of Colorado and the surrounding areas. The hotels that are located near Mountaineer Casino are located in the Poudre valley, which is just a short drive from the mountain town.

hotels near mountaineer casino west virginia

The Hilton Mountain John’s Lodge and Winery are right off of I-25, while The Inn at Lakewood is not far away, but is still within a short drive. The Wintergreen Hotel is a short walk from Mountaineer Casino as well, but has an old charm that many other hotels don’t have.

To the north of Mountaineer Casino is the Highlands Park Hotel, which is within walking distance to much of the beautiful terrain. The hotel itself has an attractive exterior, but is not well-known for its quality accommodations. The Springs Country Inn and Spa and the Deerfield Inn Hotel, which are both located nearby, are more popular with tourists, but offer quality rooms.

If you’re looking for some of the best rooms available, the Christmas Inn by Lake at Mountaineer Casino is one of the top accommodations in the area. There are other nice hotels in the area, and a few are within walking distance to Mountaineer Casino as well. The Downtown West Virginia Hotel offers many classy suites, while the Hotel Belmont is one of the best locations in the area.

West Virginia, like many other places, offers tourists the opportunity to stay close to both large and small towns. Whether you are staying at a hotel or a bed and breakfast, the area is truly the West Virginia ski-country and is known for high quality skiing, skiing and more skiing.

Of course, the most famous hotel in the area is the Hotel Kanan, which sits on the ski slopes. While it isn’t as popular as other hotels, it is located directly on the slopes and offers many kinds of accommodations that are popular among those who visit the resort.

When it comes to things to do around Mountaineer Casino, the area is very well-liked. Visitors will find plenty of fun to do in the mountains and along the ski slopes and also the hotels nearby. Mountaineer Casino is also known for its world-class dining, where the best food can be found.